My daughter is going to be homeless


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Please go easy on the blithe recommendation that people "apply for medicaid". Not only is medicaid difficult to get in many states, but may people already on medicaid are likely to be kicked off.

It's not a given and shouldn't be offered to worried parents of troubled adult children as one.


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If you are completely indigent you ccn still get Meficaid, even in Walker's Wisconsin. You have to practically need to eat out of garbage cans, bit Medicaid is still around. And kids who are homeless and dont work are indigent. And the healthcare laws have not changed yet. Hopefully,they wont. Yes, i know people in Congress on my opinion of the wrong and cruel side want to take it away, but it may never happen. They are fighting from within and right now Medicaid is an option. 2018 is around the corner Hopefully healthcare will not be yanked from those who need it the most. If it is then I will stop suggesting this. That possible inhumane occurance hopefully wont happen. Our kids need it.


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Thank you. I happened upon this forum this morning as I typed our daughter's situation into a search engine. I so need this support as we have two like this. One is soon to exit a Maternity Home on Friday. She does not know where she and her 3 month old will end up. We imagine it will be an overcrowded shelter that uses a gymnasium as a room for 50 women & children. CPS has been involved for about a month due to her mental instability. Her baby spent 4 days in the hospital last week for a nasty virus thatmade her lose 10oz. in less than a week. The baby was already at the bottom on the weight chart for her age. Of course, they are now calling it "failure to thrive".The baby is engaging and seems to be on target developmentally but she has been shuffled around to numerous caregivers since birth. We have kept her 1 night, 3 nights straight, & 6 nights straight when CPS was investigating her. The baby has spent 3 nights at a Crisis Nursery while our daughter was admitted to a psychiatric ward. She also stayed with a safe family for 3 nights. All that, before she was 2 months old. It is so very sad for our beautiful granddaughter to have such a rough start to life. Our daughter has so many problems and she cannot live with us EVER again. She will 25 soon and acts like an immature, manipulative child. She won't follow rules, is sneaky, & chronically lies. The entire world owes her a living and she will suck everything she can get out of a person and then spit them out. The guilt of not bringing them into our home was keeping me up all night. I really needed to read what you wrote. Thanks.
What did the baby due? Why would you let the baby suffer? I understand your "daughter" has issues but if you "loved" your granddaughter you would have taken her into your home.


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This is not always a good.option. This response is so shortsighted and I am going to see if it can be deleted. Not every grandma, some sick and very elderly,can or should take in an infant grandchild. Shame on you for this response.