Prayers needed please


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JMom: My prayers are with you and your son. My youngest daughter was in a serious car accident at the age of 18. I know God was by my side at this time as I felt Him telling me that she would pull through this and she did. Take care.


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Thank you for all your prayers. His surgery went well. I got to spend about 4 hours with him. They let him sit up and watch a movie. He was so mad that I wouldn’t hug him. Lol. His bed alarm kept going off. Lol.

I left so he would quit fussing over his hug. Mama gave him forehead kisses!!!
I’ll keep posting. It surely helps. Well now he’s 3 days sober and said he has a head start on getting it out of his system.

JMOM, So very happy that the surgery went well and you got to spend a little time with him. Continued prayers for all your intentions and for all your intentions that you hold in your heart so deeply.


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JMom, I read your post and immediately prayed for your son. Then I saw that he had made it well through surgery, which was so good to hear. Keep us posted and in the meantime we will keep praying for you both.


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Hi everyone and thank you for your prayers, He is home with me now, under mamma's overbearing watch! LOL He has some nerve damage, but gained feeling in his legs and arms. His arms are still twitchy and tingling, the doctors are keeping an eye on it. He's been emotional. He keeps dreaming that he is paralyzed. It looks as if he will make a pretty good recovery. He won't be the same, but better than we expected. The hardest thing for him is not being able to work. He likes his job and is good at it. I really appreciate the support, it might be a long road. It doesn't hurt my feelings that he is sober. :)


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Glad he is on the mend. Did you ask what the he{{ they were doing to cause such a severe injury? I'd be steaming mad about that!


Such good news JMom. I know it does your heart good to be able to care for him at home.

I was wondering, how do the doctors handle his pain knowing he has substance abuse issues? Are they able to treat it with drugs that aren’t addictive?

Please tell him a whole lot of people are praying for him and wishing him a full recovery. Blessings to all of you.


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Hi everyone!
RN, they were wrestling and the guy picked him up at the waist and swept his legs. J landed on his neck. I was pretty angry but they were doing it on purpose...for fun. They even made a video, I didn't want to watch it, but the nurses did. You can hear the break, see him paralyzed. They try to help him up but the bottom part of his body won't move. They picked him up and put him im the bed. No one called 911, no one called me. I was steaming mad.

Nadina, He told them he didn't want narcotics but realized very early on that he couldn't handle the pain. They gave him hydrocodone and muscle relaxers. He took them every 6 hours until they were gone. His girlfriend administered them or myself. He goes back tomorrow for follow up. I'm glad because his arms are still hurting.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I'll keep you updated!


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I am sending you love and prayers. A broken neck sounds terrifying but it is not always as bad as it seems. My brother broke a vertebra in his spine in a motorcycle accident and made a full recovery. Also, my elderly uncle broke his neck in a fall before Christmas and it took a while but he is well now. There’s lots of room to be hopeful. You and your son have my prayers xxx
Thank you, that makes me hopeful!


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JMom. I am astonished that this has happened and that this could so easily happened with horsing around. I am so sorry this is made even harder by Coronavirus. Thank goodness he was moved to a Trauma Center and that they are seeking appropriate intervention and care. I can't tell you how I wish you weren't in this situation. My son was hospitalized for a Traumatic Brain Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)) and transferred to a trauma center. All I could do was scream.

I am reading and re-reading MissLulu's post above, which is giving me heart. I am praying for you and for your son and I will continue.

Is your son ok?


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Dear JMom, I specially logged in again just now in order to write to you (I haven't been logged in for quite a few months). I read your post and I understand your worry. My very best friend who is my age (I am 75 now) broke her neck about 12 years ago. It was because of whiplash in a car accident. She was operated on, and her head was in a sort of cage for quite a few weeks, but today she is fine. I think moving her head to one side is slightly limited, but other than that she is fine. And that was in her 60s. So since your son is a young man I presume his chances of recovery are higher, and I just wanted you to know that it IS possible to recover from a broken neck, and I hope the doctors where he is being treated will be able to do for him what was done for my friend.

Please let us know how things progress. I pray that he will recover.

Love, Esther
Thank you Ester, so sweet of you to jump back on for me :0)


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JMOM, I am sorry to read this sad news. My prayers are for complete and total healing, mind, body and spirit and a quick recovery for your son. My prayers also go to you, for your strength and clear thinking.
Thank you Newstart, I appreciate your prayers!