Son back in jail


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Son was picked up and now is in adult jail no more Juvenile Detention since he is 18 teen, I don’t know why he got picked up , I mean I know he had a warrant but they weren’t out looking for him so not sure what he did to get picked up . When I looked up his mug shot it was heartbreaking, I don’t know how to feel right now , I knew this day would come but emotionally I still wasn’t ready ,Since I woke up he’s been non- stop calling me & it’s getting overwhelming , he asking to add money on books to get snacks, soap etc not sure if my husband will agree to this, not sure if I should get myself in this rollercoaster again with him .


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Could you call the jail and find out exactly what is provided. If he calls you and you answer is there a fee for you? Definitely talk to your husband. I woypuldnt be in a hurry to do anything. Maybe write him an encouraging letter. Try to find out when he has court or 8f he gets bailed out. Maybe the jail can let you know how to get notifications. Ksm


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Hi helpless. I agree with RN. Let him sweat. He’s being a jerk. I’m sorry. Go about your business. He is not your business. He’s his own business. The family has given him hand after hand. He’s burned you all and himself.

Write letters. Please do not put money on his books. He will only get in more trouble with it. And don’t take his calls until you are sure he won’t abuse you.

He tried and tried to get back to jail. He succeeded. Please let him be.

He knows he is loved. Let him sit with himself.


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I forgot to tell you that in jail they issue "cosmetics." In my state that is what they call necessary and basic hygiene products like toothpaste and brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant and the like. He will also be fed. There will be a library so he can read. He will be issued clothing including a coat and boots, if necessary. There is also envelopes and stamps. There are pencils and writing paper. This is what happens in my State. I think it is constitutionally mandated. He can do for himself.
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So sorry to hear about your son. I hope this one works as a wake up call for him. Sounds like he's panicking, which I think is better than him not. Hopefully they have programs there to help people in his situation. I too think he's been begging for jail, it doesn't matter if everything he's done has been impulsive and stupid. There are lots of people in jail for the same.

I hope you are able to detach and have patience to give him the time to work this out.