Update on my daughter, too

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    Thank you all for your replies! It helps a lot to hear others are out there going through similar situations. My daughter has just been hired for a bank teller job and she has done this before, but always quit. I pray she will follow through. I am still so terrified that she and my grandson will be homeless without me. I was widowed after 23 years of marriage. 2006 was a tragic year for us. My son was killed in a violent car crash on Easter morning. 3 months later was husband was killed. After that my daughter clung to a boyfriend that ended up abusing her horribly. She really spiraled down and eventually became pregnant with my grandson. Needless to say, her boyfriend bailed on the situation and I have done everything I can to keep them afloat. In the meantime, I had remarried and thought I might have a chance at life again. Then my daughter needed to move in and things became very dysfunctional. Ultimately, my new husband couldn't take the chaos any more and we were ousted.
    My daughter has become very paranoid (I think because the boyfriend lied and cheated on her left and right.) She accuses me and my grandson of lying about the most ridiculous things. I know I am being abused, but I just haven't rallied the courage to stop things at this point. I love my daughter and grandson so dearly, but can't seem to put my foot down because I would hate to see them out and destitute! I have just gotten the book Stop Walking on Eggshells. Hopefully with that, this forum, and my therapist, I can gather wisdom and strength to do what I need.