Yup! I knew it was coming....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by JKF, Jul 9, 2013.

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    JKF, that look of devastation on your moms face? The same one you had today? I have had that look plastered on my face so many times I'm surprised my face isn't like that permanently!! That look of sheer shock and disbelief? Yup that's the one. And, me, I won't take my shoes off at the Hilton for fear of my feet walking on something weird. So, we're talking two very, very different realities here. .....
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    Omg Kathy! That's definitely funny! It's crazy how nightmares are better than what we have to deal with everyday! LOL

    And yes - there are services here but you have to fight tooth and nail to get them. It's basically become a full time job and it's so frustrating at times but if you fight hard enough there is definitely a multitude of services available.
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    Hi :O)

    Just wanted you to know I was reading along, hoping good things for you and your son.