...and it all falls apart.


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I think it sounds good! He is pulling away from you and figuring it out. Not bothering you every minute to come and "save" him.

I'm doing the same dance with my son so I get it.


one day at a time
Sounds like he is alive and engaged with some other people...which can be a plus! I hope you and Jabber are enjoying a little peace and solitude.


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You know what? I think he is doing well. He was so dependent on you yet he moved and is not asking to come back. He found a place to stay. He is asking for less. Ok maybe he is there because pot is legal. He is not the only one and at least he will not be arrested. I think there are things for you and Jabber to celebrate.

Is he living your dream for him? No. Most children do not live our dreams for us. I admit I can't really cook well (cough cough) so it didn't cross my mind to hope for a prize winning pastry chef. She isn't rich either. But we must embrace and be proud of what they choose to do.

Your son is making big strides. Enjoy the peace.

Much love to two great people


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...and now apparently his friend has a car instead. I wish he'd quit giving me updates. I don't want to have my mind wondering how a homeless person gets given a car.