"Assumptions" about disabilities

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    The parking placard thread reminded me of this video my friend Anne made. Anne and I have the same type of muscular dystrophy. She and I do an awful lot of things alike. I have the leg braces but don't wear them so much. Foot drop isn't as much of a problem for me as it is for her. But, we do most everything else in a very similar way. I don't think I could ever sit down water ski, though. My upper body is too weak. I suppose I should ask her about it.

    Someone in the other thread pointed out that you can't always see disabilities right off, and I thought that Anne's video is very appropriate to that, and that it also has a good lesson for how our kids are sometimes when people don't see their disabilities, just their behavior at that particular time on that particular day.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubb1k5m3Ouc"]YouTube - Assumptions[/ame]
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    What a truly moving video. That's something that should be run as a PSA on television, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing it -- it applies to anyone who is disabled in any way and is something to think hard about.
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    What a wonderful video.
    This was so well done. She is a beautiful woman. What a cool friend to have, as are you to her.

    I love the straws in the guinness! I can see you two in a bar throwing one back! That would be a good photo!
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    I just figure - I can ALWAYS say "Would you like a hand with that?" and if I get a "Yes" answer - I will help. If I get a "No" answer I'll go about my business.

    How hard is that? But I promise you if I EVER saw someone fall? OMG there is no way I could ignore them. You tell your friend that there are still people in the world who understand - and for the rest of them? They have a choice. Ignorance or Education.

    Hugs to your friend - I LOVE the waterski thing. OMG had I found that years ago I could have had SO much more fun. lol. Even with good legs I was a disaster.

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    On the other side of the coin, I find that when I ask someone for assistance, they never say "no". "Can you help me step down this curb?" "Can you help me schlep this bag of soil into my car?" So far, it's always been "yes". I think the last part of Ann's video is very apt. We don't give people credit for being able to understand, sometimes.
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    Your friend and her poetical self-expression are one of the reasons I am grateful to be alive here and now. There is always hope.

    I have a cousin who became a paraplegic due to a biking accident. She'd rather NO ONE HELP. It's a fine line and very confusing for those of us who are still able bodied and love others, whether we know them or not.
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    What an amazing woman your friend in. Thank you for sharing this video with us. It was very moving.

    I have also had a fair amount of hassling by college students and some older men for using my handicapped sticker. I even had a cop run my sticker number and my driver's license info because he didn't believe I needed one. Talk about making a person feel horrible. and there were many handicapped spaces open. I didn't even park in one of the van accessible ones.

    Please tell your friend that I found her video inspiring and very helpful in communicating with my husband and family members.
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    I had a cop make me go back to my car to get my tag to match my license, once. He was pretty chagrined when I hobbled over there and back and everything matched. I always make certain that my tag is on my mirror rather than on my dash, because when it's on the dash people often yell at me. I never drive with it up, but always put it up before I park.