Guilt and Worry


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Hi Guys

I just kicked my 23 year old son out of my house and I'm feeling so guilty and worried but enough is enough ! He is verbally abusive and the last straw was he was physically abusive with my husband (not my sons father) the verbal abuse and anger issues have been going on for 2 years which I beleive stem from the death of his dad.
I just feel awful about this and would welcome any advice or coping skills to get trough this !

Thank you !!


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It's such a hard decision to make and honestly, we've done it with our 20 year old three times this year and have taken him back after 3-4 weeks each time. You want so much for them to be healthy, but until they're ready it's justice not gonna happen. Hugs


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Yes it is a very hard decision and you are correct until they are ready it is not going to happen you just want to shake them and tell them to wake up .. I'm trying to do just one day at a time but I'm not going to lie it is so hard ! Thank you for your words I pray that things get better with yours too !