Is it illegal to put a child out of the house when he is a mentally and physically disabled adult?

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    Is it illegal to put a child out of the house when he is a mentally and physically disabled adult? I told him he could not stay at home if he continued using drugs. He called the cops on me! They told me to get a power of attorney on him. I don't want that responsibility. Every time he gets a check he gets in trouble. Been doing this for 17 years!
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    I agree a new thread is best for a response.

    I am no lawyer, but as far as I know, a disabled adult can be forced to leave home as there are adult community supports especially good ones if he is on SSI. There are group homes, food cards, Medical assistance, therapy, caseworkers that help teach survival skills...many services. He MUST be on SSI first to qualify. The drugs are a problem, but not your responsibility. There are programs for rehab if he is willing. If not, he is on his own. His caseworker can setbit up, if he is interested in getting clean.

    There is only so much of our lives we can give up to any one adult chlild who is defiant snd unwilling to do better. The vast majority of us have other loved ones and dear friends who deserve time with us as well. And somebody else who needs your own TLC is YOU. Self love is imperative to happiness.

    If you have the means, contact a lawyer for your question. If not, human services should know the laws. That is their function. Call them. Dont be shy. I could never afford lawyers but found great resources for my own disabled son. Youbdont need money to get help.

    None of us, I believe, must care for and house our adult kids until are death. I strongly feel thatour disabled adult kids are better off learning to use community services NOW as we can not live forever. They need to learn who to go to and what they are entitled to on their own.

    I hope you find answers. I agree you should not to take legal advice from police.

    Your son uses drugs in your house. He is breaking the law. He should be on his own. But he can have a community support team. My son loves his team.

    My autistic son is not a problem, but he wanted to be independent and with SSI and utilizing services he has his own cozy apartment, a job, a caseworker and nurse for aid, and a full life. He gets more mature and independent each year. He would not be doing as well under our roof.

    Seventeen years is about fifteen years too long to house, feed and deal with a Son who must be in his mid 30s. Time for him to be an adult.

    Wishing you the very best of luck. Stay with us. We care.
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    If the system says they have the right and capacity to chose th get help or not. I feel theychavr the capacity to care for themselves. To that I would argue you have every right to put him out.
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    Have him arrested every time you find drugs. It doesn't matter if he is disabled or not, he knows the law. He knows right from wrong. Then when he is in jail, get a restraining order saying he cannot return to your home. That pretty much fixes the legal side of things. The drugs he is bringing into your home make him a danger to you. He could bring danger to anyone in your home, either by his behavior while high or by attracting other users or those he owes money to. Generally this is recognized by the court and it is pretty easy to get a restraining order.

    Often you have to go this route or else the Dept of Human Services will not give services to him. They will say that you have it covered and are providing what he needs. Why should they give him their stretched to the breaking point resources if the family has him housed and fed and cared for? This truly is often the way DHS looks at it. So you have to make him have no place to go and then you have to make DHS give him some services. He may have to agree to stay off of drugs to get services though. This is up to him. He has the right to refuse services and be homeless. That may be hard for you. It is HIS choice. Not yours.

    You need to choose to be safe and have a peaceful drug free home. You have that right. I urge you to seek out support, either from the family support groups at NarcAnon or AlAnon or from a private therapist who is experienced with substance abuse issues.

    I am sorry that you have to do all of this.
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    You should talk to a social worker. He might qualify to be in a group home with other people who have similar problems.
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