Son had court today

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    My son had court today, I didn’t go but his dad & wife went. Dad said he came out looking angry, pist off& his body language showed he had no remorse for what he’d been doing wrong. Lawyer recommended physictric evaluation. Judge said he didn’t look ready to go home, he will spend another month there. Next court date March 28th. I feel sad but I know things would have not worked out if he went home with dad. I been talking to my son almost every day & it’s been so good , I guess that’s why it’s been harder for me , but deep down inside I know he hasn’t changed. The problem with my son is he will never own up to what he’s been doing wrong to get him there or every show remorse or apologize.
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    I'm sorry that your son does not seem ready to change, even after being in jail.

    I do agree you are doing the right thing not letting him come to live in your home. Certainly if he is old enough to have a wife he is old enough to figure out how to support himself.

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    Court always seemed like a very tumultuous day, emotionally. At least it did to me. Avoid the drama if you cannot contribute positively to it without hurting yourself in any way.

    At least if he is in a facility, he has a roof over his head, meals each day, and some structure that he has to comply with. It could be a lot worse if he was in the outside world.
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    I wrote it wrong , his step mom went, dads wife. My son is only 16 teen , he’s not even mature enough have a relationship at this point
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    Ooh sorry. I now remember and yes still do not think he should live with you based your previous story.
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    It sounds like it worked out just like it should have. Your son has not shown any willingness to accept responsibility for his actions and would just repeat that behavior when he is let out of the facility. I really hope that the court sees that he needs long term residential care.
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    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Unfortunately his age is working against him and you. It's so hard when they are minors and their minds are fogged by drug use.

    My son spent five years in and out of rehabs, juvenile detention, sober living, you name it.

    I wanted to fast forward it but life doesn't work that way.

    Hugs this is tough to witness.