"How can I screw my life up today?"

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Lil, Jun 24, 2015.

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    I would have reacted the same way if I hadn't given in to tantrums and then I'd assumed you did. Don't worry, normal reaction.

    More than ever, not that it matters, to me it sounds like your son may have Aspergers. Aspies are very sensitive, immature, and have trouble regulating their emotions and often act like little kids when upset.

    Even so, they have to learn not to do it. And I know you were against the e-cig buy. I was thinking more of how he may try now to manipulate Jabber's parents and his uncle since it worked once.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. Maybe don't answer him each time he calls. Maybe every third times and only if he stays calm and does not ask for anything while you are talking. I put t hat restriction on my son. No asking for anything. It worked! My rules were and are no swearing directly at me (like you, general swearing because of anger doesn't bother me) and no asking for anything other than love and support, which all of my kids get.
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    Actually, he swears enough that it bothers us. He drops the F-Bomb like he gets a nickel for every time he says it. Now that I think about it, the more upset he gets, the less he is either able or willing to control the language.

    As far as him manipulating my parents much, I'm not overly worried. They dealt with that with my older sister and my uncle so they have more experience at countering it than our son has at actually doing it. My concern is still that he wont get a job or will quit as soon as he gets his first paycheck, which seems to be his MO.

    On a different note, on the eviction without notice and throwing everything away issue, the lawyer talked to Lil last night and is about to send the demand letter. He said that since they are an LLC (limited liability company) it's in their best interest to make this go away without court so there is a good chance that particular issue could be solved soon.
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    That would be nice.
  4. Lil

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    Well, he called tonight. I answered because I didn't recognize the number. He got a new phone. He worked for one of his aunts today and she paid him, so he bought a pay as you go phone of some sort. He called to tell me that we can shut his phone off whenever we want. He still hasn't gotten a real job, but he says he's calling Pizza Hut tomorrow.

    Maybe he will.

    There was no discussion of his cursing at me. I'll leave that for another time. But it WILL be discussed at some point.

    So, there's that.
  5. Lil

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    Tomorrow is the family reunion. Will be the first time I've spoken with him, except when he called to say he got a new phone. We have texted. So...anyway. There's that.
  6. Lil

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    Well, that sucked in frankly unbelievable ways. This may require a new thread when I have a computer to use. :(

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    And surprisingly, somehow it managed to get even worse.
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    What happened?
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    Oh darn. Sorry, it went south.
  10. Jabberwockey

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    Long story and we're still working to resolve it. Will let you know.
  11. Childofmine

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    i'm sorry you guys. we're here for you, whatever it is. hang in there.