I have the worst news ever. He’s deceased.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemyson1, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Most of you have read my journey from several years ago. It’s been the hardest experience of my life. And then he got better God rescued him and he was a healthy Marine Sniper, bodybuilder had many girlfriends, friends that loved him and a family who adored him. But last month he showed up to a birthday party while he was on leave, and we saw the signs that he was using again. That night, he left us for good to be with the Lord. Our handsome, charismatic, buffed & loved son passed away. I struggle with sharing this with you all because I was so happy and optimistic about his future but I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you all because I know you’re going through it. Heroin and really all drugs are so evil. It’s truly unacceptable to me. Addiction is so very very sad. He had been 100% clean for three years and chose to party and I believe drinking was a gateway to the next level for him, he had an opportunity he took it and it was lethal. I don’t even know what words I have to tell you all about what to do about your sons daughters brother sisters husbands I just know that I am hurting so bad and that relapse is real. He literally was the healthiest I’ve ever seen him the day he passed away. He was honored greatly with a military honors burial and over 20 Marines came from out of state to pay their respects. He was greatly loved, he encouraged people, motivated people and was a light in this world. We are truly devastated beyond comprehension.
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    Oh my gosh I am so very terribly sorry for your loss. Words cannot describe how much I feel for you.

    My very good friend lost her son in July to a heroin overdose also. He had been clean for 6 months and was working. He died in her home. She is having a very difficult time and is in therapy.

    It could literally happen to any one of us. No words can comfort you but you are in my prayers.

    Cyber hug to you.
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    I am literally sending you nonstop prayers with tears in my eyes. I have no wise words, but thank you for reaching out and may God touch your shoulder to help you heal. Bless your son for his service. He made a difference.
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    Thank you RN. You’re right, it could happen to any one of us. I believe it happened because he had been 100% clean and may have taken more than he could tolerate thinking that he could tolerate more because of the past. Or I also think it could be the fentanyl that’s being put in heroin nowadays. He only had one year left in the military and was getting ready to start his life. Thank you for the prayers we definitely need them. And I’m very happy to read that your son is doing better.
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    lovemyson, I am so very sorry to hear that your beloved son died. God bless you and your family. Words escape me here as I process how unfair and painful this is to you and all of those who loved your son.
  6. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    We think my friend's son did the same thing. Went to a party and had a few beers and then overdosed in her house later that evening. He had had a few beers here and there and liked his job and was attending support group and seemed to like it a lot so she was very shocked when it happened.
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    I am truly sorry for your loss.
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    Lovemyson I am so shocked by this news and so, so sorry. All of us were elevated by your son's journey. And by your own. Words cannot express how I feel for you. No other mother did more or was more than you. Your son responded and rose up to meet the love and strength and faith you and his father modeled. He was a light in the world. So are you. So is his Dad. I am so very very sorry.
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    Thank you so very much. We did do everything that we possibly could even up until that last day we were praying with him before he drove off. Ultimately, everyone makes their own choices. God gave us those three precious years and we used them to the fullest and we’re so proud of all he accomplished. I believe it was God‘s mercy that took him home because God did not want us to go through what we did six years ago. Our son left us as a hero, a hero who made a fatal mistake.
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    I am so very, very sorry. Sending you so much ♥ and wishing you God's peace and comfort.
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    I am beyond shocked and saddened by your loss. I do remember your posting and how things had improved. What an insidious thing addiction is. Please accept my deepest sympathy and prayers that you find comfort in this horrible time.
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    Insidious is the sad but perfect description of addiction. God help us all. Thank you very much.
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    I'm so sorry that your family is going thru this. May God comfort you and surround you with love and peace during this time. Ksm
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    I'm so sorry for your hurting heart. I'll be thinking of you and sending strength and hugs your way. When you can't be strong, others here can be strong for you.
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    Love and prayers for you and your family. I am So very sorry to read this news.
    Your son did pass on as a hero. You should definitely be proud of all he accomplished and lives he touched while here.
    I drove my granddaughter back home to Texas the other day. She remembers a near death experience she had when she was around 2-3 years old, she is 9 now. She told me how she believes in heaven and that a woman in a white robe talked to her but she can't remember what she said.
    Anyway my point in telling you this is that my granddaughter is the 3rd person in my lifetime to tell me of this kind of experience. I believe heaven is real and we will one day be with our loved ones again who have passed on before us. I'm so glad your son gave himself and your family some proud happy years. I'm so glad you knew he had a relationship with God as well.
    May God comfort you and give you peace in time.
    Love, Tammy
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    Thank you for sharing that story. I definitely believe in heaven & that’s the hope I hold on to. It’s sad that he didn’t have strength to resist his temptations but I’m thankful my son knew Jesus & I trust the moment his soul left his body he was in the loving arms of our Savior & I will reunite with him one day because of that. Hugs.
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    I am so sorry, lovemyson1. I too remember your son’s journey, and yours as well. He gave many of us hope and lived his new life with passion and purpose.

    My son was just released from the hospital after spending 2 days intubated and a week in the ICU. He could have easily been your son with just a tweak of timing. As you said, with addiction a single mistake can have fatal consequences. I am so very sorry this has happened.
  18. WiseChoices

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    My heart is breaking for you . I am so very sorry you lost your son. I am sending you lots of love and strength.
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    Oh, lovemyson, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending many, many gentle hugs and prayers.
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    I want to also add my condolences and hugs of support and sorrow.
    May you have some peace today.