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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I am already on topamax and I did lose almost 100 pounds the first time I went on it. Then I had to go off it for about 5 months due to insurance reasons and when I got to go back on it, it never worked the same.
  2. DDD

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    I think most of the diet battle is inbetween our personal ears. Getting psyched to take one step at a time and then feeling proud once that step becomes habit triggers the motivation to take another step.Each of us different and what we can alter differs alot depending on our habits. Going from being a "pig out" queen to a "thinking eater" has been really hard for me. I flat out love food and I have always eaten like a lumberjack. Fortunately for me I was a lean machine...until I got in my 40's, lol.

    For example I decided that I would eat Shredded Wheat for breakfast every day. I like it, it's healthy, and most important I no longer think about whether I'll have eggs or bagels or whatever. That was my first step. In addition, lol, it's cheap. Some days I have a piece of fruit and others I don't. Boring??? Yep. But after a month or less I adapted. Then I moved on to removing high calorie/fat items from my diet meal by meal. Slowly but surely I reached my weight goal.

    by the way, having a husband does make it a little more challenging. I do prepare dinner every night for husband and difficult child and sometimes I can't resist eating part of the meal that is not healthy..but that's OK, too. My goal is to make overall changes and an occasional cheat doesn't derail the goal. in my humble opinion it's not really possible to get a quick fix and trying to just adds to much stress. Hugs DDD
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    I will SECOND DDD's statement that having a husband (and kids) makes it more difficult. My H has never struggled with hie weight and loves food. My 3 teenage boys are bottomless pits - and during sports season - they tend to slim down too much due to the vigor and I am constantly making high calorie, carborific big meals so they can keep their weight UP.

    GUESS WHOSE WEIGHT ACTUALLY GOES UP--------------------------> me

    And I eat a small fraction of what they do...no fair.
  4. InsaneCdn

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    Its a common problem for the cook... 'cause I'm guessing you're a good cook, and good cooks do lots of tasting...
    I'm NOT a "good cook"... Mom was. And she really struggled with weight.

    Her doctor told her to take a plate when she was cooking, and every time she "tasted" something, she was to put the equivalent amount on the plate. The point was to understand just how much she was actually eating, without it ever hitting the "plate". She's still a good cook - but the size and frequency of the "testing" went down... and so did her weight.
  5. Signorina

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    Oh boy, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT.... :spaghetti:

    Actually, my biggest problem is my laptop. I used to work on a desktop in my office. Now I tend to work at my kitchen counter. I love the socialization BUT I tend to snack too much. I need to park my butt in my home office again.
  6. InsaneCdn

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    Or you could... get an exercise bike hooked up to a battery system... and run your laptop off the battery system. That way, you have to pedal X hours daily to get the computer time you need...

    <just kidding... but I know of Dads who did this for the kids' game systems... it both restricted the hours of play, AND guaranteed a baseline of exercise!?
  7. Hound dog

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    Star is right. Watching food portions alone will make a huge difference in weight. I recall the first time I saw some of the real portions of foods.........I was like seriously? lol Cuz my Mom didn't have much and the woman would load us up on starchy food, and we of course better clean that plate. Not that I blame her, she didn't want food wasted.

    I opened one of those normal banquet frozen dinners (trying it cuz it was on sale dirt cheap for a whole meal). I looked at the portions and thought to myself gee it's going to take 2 for me to feel like I ate something. But I heated the one up.........sat down and ate it slow and be danged if it didn't do a fine job filling me up. I just can't have them very often........2 hrs later I was turning into a water balloon. ugh

    I've stopped snaking again. (thankfully) Just have to work on getting those 3 meals in........getting rid of the pop.........and weaning myself off the sugar in my coffee, which is the toughest thing for me to do.

    Sadly, I didn't have much luck with George's grill........it made the meat too tough. But I bake or crockpot most meat these days......ok all but if I'm making pork steaks or fried chicken, which isn't as often as Travis would like. lol

    And my kidney doctor warned me off of margarine. It also has some bad cholesterol, which butter doesn't. He says butter gets a bad rap. ;)
  8. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    If you want a healthier fat to substitute when cooking, especially if the butter is going to end up "melted"... olive oil and/or canola oil are good. (olive has more flavor... canola is cheaper)
    For example... my favorite muffin recipe calls for melted butter, but I use oil; baked squash - mother in law has a neat recipe that calls for pre-cooking the squash (micro), then whipping with butter and spices... I use olive oil for that.
    Oil doesn't have the saturated fat that butter does.

    But... Margerine? not going there. I keep a bit of becel on hand for guests who are 100% dairy intollerant and want something on their toast...
  9. DDD

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    I love olive oil and use it for all my salads now in lieu of salad dressing. Sometimes I add a little vinegar but crazy as it sounds I can get by with just olive oil. That transition was not hard for me. DDD
  10. buddy

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    Lisa, I have heard that about butter vs marg. too. There was a whole bunch of 20/20 type things a few years ago about the chemical make up of margerine and how close it is to rubber I think? Something awful like that, and since I am not a chemist I wont argue it here, but the scientists in the shows were explaining how it is found to be terrible for us. I heard it on Dr. Oz too. He said not to use it. Again, I can't explain why, but I use butter now....I was raised on margerine so had no problem with it.
  11. buddy

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    RE: OIL .... I dont like it alone, but I use olive oil too in things...

    How do you make it into salad dressing? I see people use it all the time, do they mix it with salt/pepper etc.? I just dont like the taste alone. How do you make it better? in a healthier way of course....

    Yeah, we should start a foodie thread, sorry Janet!
  12. InsaneCdn

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    Basic salad "dressing" is 2 parts olive oil, 1 part high-quality vinegar (we like apple cider vinegar), and a pinch of sugar to taste.
    Exact proportions... play with. The vinegar cuts the oily-ness of the oil (if that makes sense).
    Shake or stir well before each use.
    Spices are optional.
  13. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I rarely use any kind of vegetable oil except for frying. I even make brownies with olive oil.

    They have "margarine" that is made with olive oil. It tastes so close to butter. I love it.

    Margarine is something like 1 molecule away from plastic. Blech. The kids love it though, better than butter itself. So I always have some. But - yuck.
  14. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    If you like olive oil for salads, try almond oil, macadamia nut oil, or walnut oil. they are amazing - healthy and they add more flavor. husband cooks what he says s "healthy brussels sprouts" but they are smothered and dripping with olive oil. If he had the oil hot before he put them in they would be deep fried - they are that oily. I nagged until he tried my macadamia nut oil and he used about 3 teaspoons instead of close to 1/2 inch in the bottom of the skillet because the mac nut oil was "so expensive" and the flavor and taste were a ton better - or so he says. Iwon't eat brussels sprouts, but he raved about these. Then he realized how much cheaper it was to use a little mac nut oil rather than a ton of olive. So now he uses less when he uses olive oil too because he learned he CAN.

    The nut oils add nutrients and flavor. For severely dry skin, rub the almond or mac nut oil into your skin. It is the basis of some hand creams I use and I also use them straight - it is why I bought them after all. It is a TON cheaper to buy these at Whole foods in the cooking oil section and is the same oil. I got a bottle of whole foods brand almond oil for around $4-$5 and half that many ounces of the same thing was $9 in the essential oil area - and they are the SAME thing exactly except that food grade is purer than cosmetic grade!

    Janet, if you have a whole foods that you can get to, they have the wild rice, etc... in bulk for a LOT cheaper. It is 90 min to get there for us, so we combine it with other trips to that city and we buy enough for at least a month and usually more.

    Instead of the chicken thighs, which are higher in fat than breasts, go and buy chicken breasts when on sale and eat those. Just freeze a bunch in 1 meal size ziplocs when you buy them. There are a LOT of "health food" items which are actually cheaper if you buy them in the rest of the store. I LOVE texturized vegetable protein and if I buy it in town it can rival the price of steaks. It is soy protein that is dried. I add it to anything with ground beef and no one here really notices unless I make meatloaf or burgers. Anything like spaghetti sauce, tacos, etc.... it isn't noticeable. I get it from the bulk section of whole foods every few months and it is insanely cheap there compared to buying it in my local stores. Knowing where to buy what you need is how to make eating healthy affordable. I get spices in bulk from helath food stores too, but we have a local one that is a lot closer than whoel foods. I get some online also because I know a place that has good quality spices for cheap.

    I don't know if this will help the renal diet, but the recipes in The Tightwad Gazette are usually easy, fast and they sure are cheap mostly. they also seem quite healthy and the book has a lot of ideas for how to live frugally. I recommend the book "teh complete Tightwad Gazette" to EVERYONE - you can find it on amazon used and new.
  15. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member

    We are so sick of chicken breasts and they taste like cardboard. Thighs taste better. I am also not the best cook. I have to get my stuff pre-cut up most of the time. We do chicken breasts for some things but not everything. Tony will not use butter for anything but a baking recipe that calls exactly for butter and if I am not there to watch him he will use margarine. He grew up on tubs of it and lard. I am lucky I got cans of lard and crisco out of the house. When I met him, he wanted stuff made with lard. We definitely grew up on different foods.
  16. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Janet -
    Tell Tony its time to hunt way more than just deer <lol>...

    Know what's WAY better than chicken? wild duck, and wild goose...
    Moist, dark meat... super tender... duck is faster to cook (smaller), but either way - these are not as difficult to time for cooking, as chicken is.

    Seriously... the only way chicken breasts taste like cardboard is if you cook them too long. The white meat takesless time to cool than what a similar-shaped dark meat piece would take. Not that you would cook this way - some of these I can't manage either but have friends who do - sliced chicken breast cooks in a stir-fry in about 5 mins or less, diced for souvlaki in under 10.

    Do you have a good instant-read meat thermometer? if not, tell somebody to get you one for Xmas... turn it on, poke it into the middle of solid meat... and read the temp (can take up to 30 seconds...) When its done, its DONE. STOP cooking.
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ok, never heard of chicken thighs being higher in fat................ not arguing it, just never heard of it. But I wouldn't imagine it's going to be that much higher, it is a chicken after all and you can trim the extra fat that comes with it from the store. I couldn't do breasts all the time either......even tender. Actually, I don't worry so much about the cut of meat or what meat. (those in the know will change their minds about what is good for you next week anyway) I just watch the palm thing like Star does because that's what I'm allowed. How you cook it is more of a big deal too. More grilling, baking, crockpotting than frying.

    And yeah, I love my extra virgin olive oil.......not so expensive at Sams. I remember when I was told to use it, I'm thinking ewwwwwww I hate olives, darn stuff taste nothing like olives. lmao
  18. DammitJanet

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    I'll tell ya the truth, Im so darned tired of the same danged thing for dinner all the time I could scream. If I never had another plate of spaghetti I would die a happy woman. I am sick of tomato sauce. Sick. Pizza? Unless it has white sauce as a base, leave me out. I want the folks from the Food Network to come take me away!
  19. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Have you made wraps? Easy to do a lot of variety with them in picking different meats, veggies, condiments, wrap flavors (I use the basic low-carb ones), etc. If you overstuff the wrap it rips and falls apart, so you some degree of built-in portion control. I also use wraps to make a thin-crust pizza for me with whatever sauce and toppings I want. Pop it in the oven or a toaster oven just long enough to melt the cheese all the way. :)
  20. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Hints for wraps... we do this when we're travelling and don't have time or a access to a kitchen... use tinned ham for the meat, pre-grated cheese, and finely-chopped veggie salad (like "broccoli salad" - shredded stems with carrots and cabbage) or baby greens... add a bit of sour cream, and munch.

    (at home, we grate carrots & zuchinni, slice mushrooms, shred lettuce, etc.)

    And yes - do NOT overstuff.