Oh, the irony of it...

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    Today difficult child has her first "Friday School" from 3:30 to 6pm. She got it for being tardy 9 times in about 3 weeks. Oh, and skipping class twice. They are to use the time to get caught up on homework. Since it is her first one... I kind of asked her what she planned to work on. As far as I know, there are no computer access for this time, so she can not work on her computer applications homework. The teachers are supposed to turn in a list of things they can work on, but the student is responsible for bringing it to the Friday School. Yep... how is that going to work?? To complicate matters, difficult child "lost" her book bag and jacket at school yesterday, but one of her friends told her she found it and has it. In the book bag is orders for enchiladas and about $100 (90 in checks made out to the school and $10 in cash) which was supposed to be handed in on Wednesday. Also in the book bag are some of the stuff she actually needs for class. Hopefully, she can connect with the friend and get it back... but it is a large school of about 1,500 students and has a campus like a small college.

    So, as we were getting ready to head to school... I see an algebra assignment on the table. I ask difficult child if she needs it and she says "no". I look and explain it is her missing algebra assignment from over a week ago. (Each day I have reminded her to bring it home) She looks at it and says, no, it isn't done, I'll work on it over the weekend." And I say... can't you work on this while you are in Friday School??? Duh??? (Which I did not say!!)

    Her response, "Oh, I forgot about that". Actually it was all we talked about this morning since she got dressed... what assignments... what teachers she needs to talk to if she needs replacement work sheets, etc, etc, etc. And then she sees unfinished homework and doesn't make the connection that "Hey! I can finally get this done, as I am going to be sitting in a room for 2.5 hours with no talking, no friends, no electronics!" I feel like hitting my head on the wall. KSM
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    Oh no... just checked power school, and she has an unexcused absence in algebra! THe class with the 9 tardies and now, 4 unexcused absences! I shot off an email to the teacher and the vice principal about the situation... Not going to be a fun weekend. KSM
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    I feel for you.....is she unable to make the connections or is she playing you?
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    How does she explain the unexcused absences? Do you think she will go to Friday school, or will she ditch it? And what happens if she does? I hope the weekend goes smoothly for you.
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    OK, I just got back from an appointment, and checked the power school website, and it was changed from Unexcused Absence to School Function Absence. And I got a call back from the principal who said yesterday, the choir teacher kept the choir in to the next period as there was a concert last night, and he wanted extra practice. But, there was also another absence for her computer class this morning - but it was also a school function absence. He did call her in to his office for a discussion about the "road she was heading down". He said she was receptive and he hopes it helps. Also, for Friday School, he is working on trying to get a computer for her to use to work on her computer applications homework. Normally they don't allow computers in Friday School - but her teacher and he want her to work on her past assignments.

    So we will see how that goes when I pick her up at 6pm. KSM
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    At least the SCHOOL is trying...
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    The first two times she skipped, I didn't find out til the week later - no one notifies you, and I don't check power school every day... well, I do now! When I asked her why, she said that a girl in that class was giving her drama... but would never say who it was or what it was about. I think that part has died down. KSM