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Copa asked me on another friend for an update.... I have been checking the site on and off to try and keep up to date.....but have not been as regular here..... Mostly because I am doing my best to keep living my life and not focus on the issues with my son. My son is doing ok.....he has been taking a couple of classes at community college and doing really well in them.... which is wonderful as he never did well in school but now he seems to really want to and is putting in the effort. He has been looking for work and last I heard had found something at a landscaping place......but not sure if that has worked out. Haviing a felony on his record and no car or drivers liscence makes it a bit hard but he seems motivated to work which is good. He is still in the program he has been in which is a relief to us as they ease our minds and mean we are not always the first line of defense when something goes wrong. He is now off probation which means he thinks he can smoke pot with no ill effects....I think this is pure folly and will eventually catch up to him. This is why I am so glad he Is still involved in the program because they will be there to help pick up the pieces. I know it has to be up to him to figure out this wont work. He wont listen to me.

I just think where we are going with pot legalization is people dont realize that for some people pot is a problem. Yes in many ways it is like alcohol and for some people alcohol is a serious problem even though for many it is not.

Anyway I am doing well..... enjoying my life and focusing on living it. I do still go to alanon which has been huge in helping me focus on my life rather than his life.



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He is still in the program he has been in
he has been taking a couple of classes at community college and doing really well in them.
Great update TL.

That's amazing your son has stuck it out and that he is taking such a big step as school.
people don't realize that for some people pot is a problem
I don't think there is consideration of what the costs will be. Only the money to be made. Not just by the business owners but by the government who get their piece of the haul. Look at opioids. After all these people dead many of whom whose addiction is rooted in legally prescribed pain pill, only now has one person (an owner of a pharmaceutical company, I think) been charged for knowingly encouraging addiction. It's sad.

Take care, TL. I'm always happy to see your posts.


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Glad that things are going along okay and better than they were! My son had started back on smoking pot also. I told him that some people should not smoke it and he is one of them. It's not legal here and I am not against it for some people but he is not one of them due to his history. Sorry but that's the way it is. He knows it's not allowed in our home period.

He is working full time now and waiting to get into trade school and helps a lot around the house now so it's all good but I am always afraid things could go south. Once you've seen things so bad it's hard to forget. As I told him, I forgave but I'll never forget.

I hope your son continues on the path he is on. Recovery is different for everyone. My son does drink beer now and that was hard for me to see too. He does say he wants to continue to move forward with his life now and I do believe that. FINALLY.