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  1. Well daughter ran away I reported it but honestly I’m not to worried maybe if they find her in drugs the system will do something about versus me struggling to keep her in line I’m at my wits end she came home lied about the principal and the profanity shirt then started screaming and throwing things I said no she couldn’t have the phone I was calling the cops and she ran out I didn’t go after her I figured the cops could cause honestly at this point she’s really hostile towards me
  2. Update cops found her in a house that reeked of drugs most likely weed and heroine but still no consequences or charges filed wouldn’t help me look into a program asked her if she wanted to go to rehab though of course she said my other daughter immediately locked her door started whispering and shut down it’s so sad
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    I’m very sorry for this madness.

    It is nerve wracking and soul crushing.

    But like the tree falling in the forest, if you aren’t listening to it, does it make a sound? It ends up not mattering if the problem is that the tree is blocking the road, or downed a power line.

    If you can, concentrate on a finding a safe path.

    (Ps. It’s hard to read text without punctuation or line breaks.).
  4. We’ve been there. It really stinks to go through all this chaos. I hope her absence has allowed you to figure out a plan and move forward.

    We didn’t ask our son if he wanted to go into a program, he lost that privilege. So we just did it. He’s now been in a boarding school for a year and has done exceptionally well. The structured environment along with limited or no access to various things has been beneficial to him. Unfortunately, at this time I know he will go back to his old ways once he graduates. I pray he figures it out.

    I hope you are able to get your daughter into a program so you can have some peace. Hugs!
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    Hi there.
    Can I ask how old your son is and what kind of boarding he is at?
    We are thinking about this for our 12yo son who is extremely difficult, especially with me his mother.
    We are thinking the other children/camaraderie and discipline would be good for him