What do do when son comes home


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Son may be in group ho.e until 18. What do we do after tgat?

We have been told he may not qualify for a group home. Need to have A D R C C assess him for developmental dissability. If he does not qualify. I hope he will maintain services with the State. He has been on them since age 14. Will be 18 in October er.

How do working parents do this?!


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Hi Molly and welcome.

I do not have any experience with this but wanted to let you know that others that DO will be along to comment.


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I think parents everywhere in our country struggle with this. Sadly, many of our kids end up in prison because there just are not enough places for them to get help. Start pushing now for the evaluations. Check out the Parent Report at the top of the General forum. It can be very helpful because all of the information for the forms, etc... is right at your fingertips.

One thing I have done with my kids is insist that if they are supported by me, they WILL put me on their HIPAA forms so that I can talk to their doctors. I do everything I can to respect what they want, and to let them handle the doctors. I just have the ability to facilitate things like phone calls/appointments/paperwork as needed. If my child goes off the rails, I am able to tell their doctors the important things that they don't want the doctors to know if that is needed. I try to NOT do that, and so far so good. It is a family rule that I got them used to before they were 18, so it wasn't a shock. I even put my adult kids on MY forms, though that probably isn't good with more disabled/disturbed kids. Mine are all doing well right now, knock on wood.

You also might explore the need to become his legal guardian so you can make decisions after he becomes a legal adult. The evaluations may help prove that this is needed, or not needed. It is such a tough question for us to cope with.